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New DEALS Venice

Why choose "NDV Tour Operator"?

Because our strength make us sure that we can offer a safe, organised and comprehensive experience.
The Tour Operator's is not just a job...

  • Good knowledge of the territory

    We have a very good knowledge of the territory, which met enables us to be at the forefront of our proposals, making the best use of the experience gained in this field.

  • Love for the profession

    We are a young team with multi-annual experience in tourism, and the wellbeing of our clients, is our mission.

  • Wide availability of customization

    We propose tailor-made packages and experience to our guests, organised according to the best quality criteria in synergy with our partners.

  • Continuous search for improvement

    Improving services for our clients and consequently increasing professionally, are the basis of our day-to-day work.

    Punti di forza
    New Deals Venice

    A single dream, 3 professionals to make it happen.
    Our decades-long "Journey" in the tourism sector, combined with love and respect for our land, will make the customer's Veneto experiences unique.


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    Finally the “trip of a lifetime”

    Finally the “trip of a lifetime”

    Nature, amazement, love and art fill this splendid package: Venice's gift to the world. What is true and authentic, like life itself, can be praised and interpreted by anyone but the truth is, that there are no words when your breath has been taken away, and this is Venice.
    Hundreds of streets and bridges

    Hundreds of streets and bridges

    Hundreds of streets and bridges, small and large canals, Incredible stories and romantic legends are the background of a reality to be experienced, to be known and to be remembered. In Venice the concept of space is unique: everything above is reflected in the water, two identical but materially different universes. 
    Beauty attracts and reciprocates

    Beauty attracts and reciprocates

    Beauty attracts and reciprocates: Murano and its glass, Burano, “the rainbow island”, with its coloured houses.
    .. in your head the sound of the oars

    .. in your head the sound of the oars

    You move slowly, in your head the sound of the oars in the water or the muffled sound of an engine. The old and wise heart of the Venetian lagoon is calling. Venice has found, and has kept for centuries, what the rest of the world still seems to pursue every day: the aim, like dreams, are different for everyone.

    With NDV you travel smoothly even in a time like this.

    We have implemented security measures on board our vehicles to guarantee you peace of mind and serenity in every moment of your tour.

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