30 years of experience

New Deals Venice - tour operator in Venice

A single dream, 3 professionals to make it happen.

Our decades-long "Journey" in the tourism sector, combined with love and respect for our land, will make the customer's Veneto experiences unique.

NDV is what we invest in every day to convey our concept of "different".

NDV, an acronym for New Deals Venice, was established on 11 September 2020.

The hope of a rebirth for the world has been and is for us the determination to pursue maximum customer satisfaction. 

Over the years we have "tested" and then collaborated with the best service companies operating in the sector, selecting many of them for preferential roles. 

Our official "entry into the field" was the organization of an event requested by particularly demanding customers. 

When, at the end, they expressed total satisfaction in us and gratitude, combined with a pinch of wonder at what we had managed to do, we fully understood our potential. 

Since that day we have been working with maximum energy to keep our level at its very best and, where possible, to improve it, to grow it. 

Today we offer ourselves to the market as "NDV tour operator", by offering an increasingly wide range of solutions. Even customized solutions for our customers, who are driven by the desire to visit this beautiful country, and rely on our services. 


  • Angela
    Absolutely advisable
    "New Deals Venice", is like travelling with no thought, toursorganised in all details, great experience in Venice, all perfect. The pleasant tour of the islands, was concluded on time, punctuality is fundamental, especially for those travelling with young children, like us.
  • Henry
    Good experience, good organisation
    I booked, this island tour as a birthday present to my wife. Very satisfying service, we found ourselfs very well. The very kind and polite guide, won the groups attention, congratulations. Good experience, good organisation, for both adults and children, and also good prices.
  • Francy
    Perfect tour, exactly as described
    Interesting and in accordance with the rules on health and safety. For those who love to have everything organised in the best way possible. Never boring moments, and never too long.... my compliments. Very pleased
  • Riccardo
    Highly recommended
    All good, perhaps with an extra hour it would have been better. We had fun, it was all very beautiful, good organisation and punctuality. I will continue to watch it, to book my next excursions

    With NDV you travel smoothly even in a time like this.

    We have implemented security measures on board our vehicles to guarantee you peace of mind and serenity in every moment of your tour.

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