Boat tours


Duration 40 min
Minimum people 4
tour in gondola

A dive into the unique beauty created by nature and by men and in the noises, unusual for many: the oars that move in the water, the passage under the bridges and the voices of the Venetians The tour starts from the Bacino Orseolo gondola station, in dialect "stazio", a dock where the gondolas and gondoliers rest, a few steps from Piazza San Marco. The gondolas glide along the minor canals such as the Rio dei Barcaroli, where Mozart's house is located, and rio dell'Ovo, until you reach the Grand Canal.

On the right the magnificence of the Rialto Bridge is immediately presented while on the left and they are reflected in the water are the important buildings such as Ca 'Farsetti, site of the town hall and Palazzo Grimani, current site of the Court of Appeal, the largest building overlooking the Grand Canal. Continuing onto Rio San Luca where Palazzo Manin is located, the residence of the last doge of Venice Ludovico Manin, now the site of the Bank of Italy.


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With NDV you travel smoothly even in a time like this.

We have implemented security measures on board our vehicles to guarantee you peace of mind and serenity in every moment of your tour.

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