Daily tours

Chioggia and Po Delta

Duration all day long
Minimum people 4

Departure from Venice Piazzale Roma to Chioggia (approx. 1 hour).
Upon arrival, we’ll go for a walk in the narrow streets of “little Venice”. Chioggia’s historical centre was built in the middle age and then reconstructed at the end of the 14th century. Saint Mary’s Cathedral, built in the 17th century, was built on the ruins of a middle age chuch destroyed in a fire and was designed by Longhena inspired by Palladio’s architecture.

Saint Andrew’s tower’s visit will follow: a 30 metres bell-tower built in the middle age (10th - 11th century) to defend Chioggia and supervise its port.

At the end, we’ll visit the famous must-see fish market.

Fish-based lunch in a renowned local restaurant.

delta del Po

We’ll follow for the Po Delta Park, the largest protected wetlands in Italy. The plant life includes around one thousand different species; more than 400 different species among mammals, reptiles, amphibious and fishes live there and 370 birds species.

We’ll leave for a boat excursion along and through the Delta: almost three hours: the Lagoon, the Bonello Bacucco and, passing through the rushes, we’ll reach the Seagulls’ Beach for a snack of local appetizers and a glass of wine.

Departure from Porto Peschereccio di Santa Giulia to Venice.

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