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Unexpected and unusual Venice

Duration all day long
Minimum people 4
venezia certosa

Private transfer to the minor islands around VeniceThey’re the least known and maybe that’s why they’re so fascinating. Silent and ancient places, some of them uninhabited, forgotten abbeys and luxurious vegetation, lagoon fauna, stories of captains and ghosts

Certosa Island 

Its former Benedictine monastery was turned into a military outpost. After being abandoned for 50 years, since the early 2000s, it came back to the ancient splendour with a variety of activities and accommodations: a nautical centre, a hotel with a restaurant and an area for water sports.

venezia san servolo
San Servolo island

Monks and nuns had there first their residence, then their hospital. Under Napoleon, it became a mental hospital. Today, there’s an international university, a campus and a prestigious hotel where lunch will be served.

Venezia San Lazzaro
San Lazzaro island

The island is completely occupied by the Armenians monks’ monastery. The monk tour leader will tell its long and troubled history.

Venezia San Francesco
San Francisco island

Unbelieving tourists are surrounded by the monks’ silent prayers, contemplation and loving care for the Cypress Island.

Return to Venice.

With NDV you travel smoothly even in a time like this.

We have implemented security measures on board our vehicles to guarantee you peace of mind and serenity in every moment of your tour.

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