Venezia, Ravenna e Roma

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Venice, Ravenna, Rome Day 1
Day 1

Arrival in Venice with your own transportation and check in at your hotel.

Venice, Ravenna Rome - Murano and Burano
Day 2

Your day will start with a private tour to the famous Venetian Islands of Murano and Burano

Murano is famous all over the world for the glass making factories. The "Mastri vetrai" (people who blow the glass) are knowned for their ability to create real pieces of art blowing the glass. They are using traditional techniques to create artistic and wonderful glass objects.

Burano is a picturesque and colorful island in the Venetian lagoon, it's famous for the lace making and for the colorful houses. According to legend, fishermen painted the houses to be able to see them from the sea and recognize them from afar.

Venice, Ravenna, Rome - Venice


Your afternoon will start from the most iconic location in Venice: St. Mark's Square. The guide will lead you throught the hidden part of Venice, strolling the well knowned "calli" (the Venetian street) and passing through the wonderful "campi" (the Venetian squares). 
The tour starts with an historical introduction in St. Mark's Square where the guide will tell you about the Doges Palace, once the sit of the power of the Venetian Repubblic, and the Golden Basilica, St. Mark's.
The tour will follow with hidden part of the city and will continue to the famous Rialto Bridge where you will see also the area around including the Rialto Market.


At the end, private transfer to Ravenna.


Venice, Ravenna, Rome - Ravenna
Day 3


You will discover the best of Ravenna, a treasure chest of artistic treasures of great value, it seems incredible that you can see so much in one city. In its history, it has been the capital 3 times and houses 8 buildings declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Basilica of San Vitale, Sant'Apollinare Nuovo and in Classe, the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia and Teodorico, the Neonian and Arian baptistery as well as the Chapel of Sant'Andrea.
This is also the city that houses the remains of Dante Alighieri.

Venice, Ravenna, Rome - San Marino

San Marino

It is the oldest Republic in existence. Here time seems to stand still and the city is wrapped in an atmosphere of other times, almost fairytale. Perched on Mount Titano and full of narrow streets with craft shops, medieval banners waving, uniformed guards with sabers and hair with feathers at the entrance of the entrance door to the village gives visitors the unique feeling of being in Italy and abroad, at the same time.

At the end of the tour, transfer to Urbino to overnight.

Venice, Ravenna, Rome - Urbino
Day 4


Walking through Urbino, Unesco heritage, you will be enraptured by the Albornoz Fortress, from which you can enjoy a view of the city of absolute perfection, from the birthplace of Raphael, with original furnishings and reproductions of some of his works. Continue to the Duomo, and then conclude this extraordinary journey reaches the Palazzo Ducale. Here, you can admire masterpieces such as "La Muta" by Raphael and the "Flagellation of Christ" by Piero della Francesca and you will be breathless, as if the essence of the Renaissance were condensed in one place.

Venice, RAvenna, Rome - Assisi


One of the most fascinating cities in Italy, a medieval village that, thanks to its position overlooking the Umbrian valley, with a breathtaking view of rolling plains, lush hills. Crossing the historic center with the beautiful churches, ancient and well-preserved buildings, and glimpses of the hilly part you will seem that time has stopped several centuries ago. Assisi, owes its fame above all to St. Francis who was born and lived here, and during your visit you can admire numerous buildings linked to him such as the wonderful basilica, the birthplace or the place where he had retired to help lepers.

At the end, transfer to Rome.

Venice, Ravenna, Rome - Rome
Day 5


Pick up at the hotel at 8.30 am to transfer to the Vatican Museums. Waiting for you you will find our guide to start your tour of the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel. You will enter the Museums with skip-the-line tickets and visit the famous Raphael rooms as well as many other works of art housed in this place. The Sistine Chapel is also included in the visit: you can admire the majestic frescoes by Michelangelo that will leave you speechless. Our visit will end with a visit to St. Peter's Basilica, where you will find many real treasures: Michelangelo's Pietà, Bernini's Baldacchino and many other works of art.

In the afternoon we will move to the area of ancient Rome: here you will find your guide to start the tour of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum (skip-the-line tickets included). Our guide will take you inside the evocative ruins of the Roman Forum and tell you the history of the city, the anecdotes of that period and you will also learn how they managed to build an empire that lasted so long. The main attraction of this private tour is the Colosseum, where you can relive the days of Ancient Rome!   The guide will take you through the site and allow you to understand how the "games" were managed at the time. At the end of the tour, the driver will pick you up to transfer you to the hotel. 

Accordigly to your flight you can enjoy another night in Rome or leave in the afternoon to the airport.

With NDV you travel smoothly even in a time like this.

We have implemented security measures on board our vehicles to guarantee you peace of mind and serenity in every moment of your tour.

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