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Weekend a Venezia 1
day 1

 Arrival in Venice and hotel accommodation. 

In the afternoon a visit to San Marco square and gondola ride. There will be a brief historical introduction of the Doge's Palace, once the seat of power of the Republic of Venice, and of the Golden Basilica, the Cathedral. A few steps from San Marco the gondola ride begins, along the minor canals such as the Rio dei Barcaroli, where Mozart's house is located, and the Rio dell 'Ovo until you reach the Grand Canal. The magnificence of the Rialto Bridge, Ca 'Farsetti, seat of the town hall and Palazzo Grimani, the largest building overlooking the canal and the current seat of the Court of Appeal, are reflected on the waters. The tour continues to Rio San Luca which overlooks Palazzo Manin, residence of the last doge of Venice Ludovico Manin, now the seat of the Bank of Italy. In the gondola you can experience the noises, sounds, smells, fragrances and voices of Venice: the oars gliding through the water, the private boats passing by, the fruit and vegetables for sale displayed on board the boats along some of the canals, the Venetians who call out to each other from one side of a canal to the other. Memories and presents of the most unique atmosphere in the world. Dinner in a restaurant experiencing the best dishes of Venetian cuisine. 


weekend a Venezia 2
day 2

After breakfast, depart from the hotel, by private transport, to the island of Murano. During the journey through the lagoon, the guide briefly explains the day's program. In Murano, the island of glass, visit a furnace with a demonstration of glass processing techniques that have been used for over 8 centuries. Depart for Burano, one of the most fascinating places in the lagoon, famous for its lace and its colourful houses. Legend has it that it was the fishermen of the island who painted their houses with very bright colors to be able to recognize them upon returning through the thick fog. In the lace shops, the women of Burano continue to embroider, even in the presence of strangers, and sell their incredible masterpieces. Return to the hotel along the island of San Francesco del deserto , known for the convent of the Franciscan Friars and the island of San Erasmo “the vegetable garden of Venice”. 


weekend a Venezia 3

After dinner, an optional tour on the Grand Canal: 3800 meters of enchantment. The “main waterway” that divides Venice in half by drawing an inverted S. 

On board a private taxi, the sight of some of the architectural masterpieces of the city provides a set of unmissable emotions. 

The last light of the sunset or the evening illumination envelops the “stranger” as the guide describes the wonders that are reflected on the dark water ... 

Vehicles and activities
Taxi nautico
weekend a Venezia 4
day 3 : re-entry

Breakfast at the hotel and free morning. 

Before the transfer to the various departure points, a “goodbye” aperitif. 

Vehicles and activities
Taxi nautico

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