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visita guidata alla basilica d'oro

4,240 square meters of surface with a gold background and mosaics that have earned it the nickname of the Golden Basilica. With its size and its ensemble of architectural and decorative styles, the Basilica deserves to be the first place among the things to see in Venice. Doge Partecipazio ordered its construction after two Venetian merchants stole the body of the Mark the Evangelist from Alexandria, Egypt in 828. After a fire in 1060, Doge Domenico Contarini ordered its reconstruction and planned to reuse part of the

load-bearing walls and foundations. The project envisaged that the new Basilica be erected on a floor plan, Inspired by the Church of the Holy Apostles, a Greek cross surmounted by five domes.

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 In 1807 the Basilica of San Marco became the cathedral of Venice replacing S. Pietro di Castello. Inside you can admire as well as the countless mosaics that cover the two levels of the five arches that make up the basilica.

- the golden altarpiece, the table placed on the high altar decorated with sacred images in gold and precious stones, which contains the relics of the evangelist.

- the treasure of San Marco, 283 pieces from various eras and origins.

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